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About Us

Click here to receive instant term life insurance quotes online from trusted top-rated life insurance carriers!

Term Life is an internet based insurance business dedicated to getting consumers the very best life insurance rates.


We are now your single source for all your life insurance needs...

 Protect your Family,
Assets & Business...

Whether it is Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance, our experienced insurance professionals will help you develop a complete plan that will protect you, your family, assets and business.

Term Life is an independent life insurance brokerage which means we're not employed or contracted with any one insurance company. We are contracted independently with many life insurance companies which allow us to sell their products to consumers. The life insurance companies compensate independent agents by way of a commission or percentage of premium that has absolutely no bearing on the cost of your term life insurance policy.

Our Term Life online life insurance quotation system is updated every single month with rates from only A or above rated life insurance companies across the country. The term life insurance quotes are ranked in order of least expensive to most expensive based on the information you enter. These prices are set by the life insurance companies and are in no way determined by any agent or broker.

We offer personal level of service you will not find anywhere else. We're told that our extraordinary level of customer service and dedication to consumers is what sets us apart. A large part of our business comes by way of referral and that says more to us than anything else.  

We also specialize in high risk life insurance cases. We have provided coverage for people who generally are hard to insure through normal underwriting.