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Term Life Application Process

7 Easy Steps!
America's choice for shopping life insurance online!
Step 1: Smart Look - Please read the smart look section on the home page: (Top-Rated Companies & Lowest Prices!, Factors to consider when comparing policies, How your insurance premiums are calculated & Insurance Company Ratings Categories.)
Step 2: Shop Plans - Use our free Instant Term Life Quotes Online Search Engine to compare hundreds of insurance policies from top-rated carriers. Before you make you selections please read the tobacco guidelines & the Health guidelines.
Step 3: Request Application - Once you request to receive insurance applications forms, a licensed representative from Our Agency will contact you and send you all carrier specific required forms with easy to follow instructions. The quickest way to receive your application forms is in a pdf. file by email. You may also request traditional mail which takes 3- 5 business days.
Step 4: Physical Exam - We will have your insurance carriers paramedical examiner contact you and set up a convenient appointment for a physical exam. The physical exam can take place in your home or office, and is performed by a medical professional at no cost to you. (The insurance company pays for the exam).
Step 5: Underwriting Process - All Insurance companies will have their underwriters review your application before issuing your policy. This process typically takes 3-6 weeks depending upon how fast you schedule you paramedical exam and that all additional request are met in a timely fashion.
Step 6: Approval & Delivery! - Once you are approved by the insurance carrier, we will send you your policy via express mail. We will then receive confirmation that you received your policy. It is that simple & easy to shop online!
Step 7: 30 Day Free-Look - All Insurance Carriers are required by law to give policy holders a 30 day free-look period to review their policy and give you the option to cancel within this period. Our Agency deals with only top-rated carriers and we are always available for you to contact us during this convenient process!